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The overwhelming feelings of despair, disbelief, shock, and numbness caused by the passing of a loved one cannot be conveyed by mere words. Even when the death is expected, the pain that loss brings can still be devastating.  In truth, no one is completely prepared for the death of someone close to their heart. In Their Honor Transport provides an honorable transportation process for the deceased:

* Transports outside the 50 mile radius:  $3.00 per loaded mile additional
Transports are available out of state: Price will be quoted on a specific case basis.
In Their Honor provides information on military honors as well as burial at National Cemeteries.

About the Founder

Don Ware, Jr.

Don is the Founder and Owner of In Their Honor Transports. Married to Kimberly,  father of 6, Don's oldest son is a United States Marine, war Hero. Don's heart grew heavy with burden after serving with several of the Military Funeral Honor Teams, including the Georgia National Guard Honors Team by playing "Live Taps" during our fallen Veteran's memorials.
Many of these young men and women who served our country now struggle financially outside of the military.
Don started this transport company to honor our deceased Veterans during the transportation process and create jobs for our Veterans here at home.The schedules for honoring our deceased Veterans, does not allow time for second jobs. Georgia National Guards and or Veterans can work and get paid for escorting our deceased Veterans 24 hours a day.
Honoring our military is what our company is passionate about. In Their Honor Transports would like to give our Veterans the honor and respect they deserve.

Our Mission is to provide a meaningful way for families to respectfully honor and grieve, as well as celebrate with dignity. We will provide respectful and affordable transport services and as always strive to exceed the expectations of the families we serve.

Pre-Arrangements / Memorial

Phone: 678-770-7523

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Terms of Services:
The services provided by, In Their Honor Transports, Inc., shall include an ITHT representative, to arrive at the location of the decedent. In a timely manner.If needed, a second ITHT representative can be on scene to assist in the removal of the decedent.The decedent will be taken into ITHT's care. Then transported by ITHT representative, to the designated funeral home. By this agreement.

ITHT representative will transport the decedent in a dignified, timely matter, and in an appropriate ITHT transport vehicle.

The payment for these services provided by ITHT are as follows:- No more than 30 days after the performance of the transport of the decedent, from the death location, to the funeral home, and/or to finial resting place directed by in this agreement.- These fees are Non-refundable. (Except by the specific direction of the undersigned. Who may terminate this service agreement. Upon termination in writing, a full refund will be provided by ITHT.)

Acknowledgment and Understanding: The undersigned or family member, acknowledges the right to arrange for the transportation, upon death and by entry of his or her signature below, does authorize ITHT services to be provided for, in this agreement.